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Mbunza infrastructure project news


The first stage of the water infrastructure project for the Mbunza is, thanks to a very generous donation, in the starting blocks.

The access to a supply of water is one of basic human needs. However, this need is not fulfilled in many parts of Namibia. This is also the case in the Mbunza Living Museum in Northern Namibia, about 15 km west of the town of Rundu. The staff of the living Museum does not have a water supply and needs to carry water from a great distance.

To ensure a regular water supply (and further development) for the Mbunza we launched the "Infrastructure project for the Mbunza".


1st step: water supply of the Mbunza Living Museum

In the fenced and secure area of the Samsitu Campsite near the Living Museum, a solar pump will be installed using two solar panels to pump water from the Okavango river through a 1.1km long water pipe into a 2500 m³ tank at the Mbunza Living Museum. This tank will then provide drinking water for the Mbunza and also for a future Campsite (2nd part of the infrastructure project) to secure water for showers and toilets. The excess water will flow directly into the Samsitu Lake at the Mbunza Museum, which lately often dries out. This is to create a year-round stable pond on which it is possible to drive canoes and catch fish. It will also serve as refuge for the Okavango's birds.

Mbunza Water tank

Generous donation received

In order to tackle the first part of the water supply project, we needed a total of €3600. We received the entire sum from Ute Schmidt-Rohr, who visited the Mbunza living museum this year and was impressed by the concept of the Living Museum. They enjoyed especially the joint activities and the friendliness and conscientiousness of the Mbunza museum residents.

Dear Mrs. Schmidt-Rohr, we would like to thank you on behalf of the Mbunza community for this generous donation!

The next steps are now to update the original cost estimate from September 2021 and the planning of a schedule for installing the pump, the solar panels and the water tank.

2nd step: camping site construction

It is well known, that after the first step comes the second. In this case it is the construction of a small shower and restrooms and the design of a simple campsite next to the Living Museum. This requires another €8,500, which we are now collecting donations for.

If you would like to help the Mbunza people of northern Namibia, please feel free to participate in a fundraiser:

Living Culture Namibia e.V.
IBAN: DE26 8105 0555 3060 0115 66
Kreissparkasse Stendal
Subject: Project Mbunza

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