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Frequently Asked Questions

Programs and Payments

How do I pre book at the Living Museums?

There is no need and no possibility to make a pre booking of programs of the Living Museum. The Museum is open 365 days a year from 8h30 to 17h00. If you would like to let the manager know when you are coming you can write a message or call under +264 (0) 81 762 9020 (Elizabeth Madima).

Remember, sometimes the lines are down in remote areas.

When do the programs and activities start?

The programs start on arrival of guests. The people in the Living Museum are very flexible and everything from the length of the programs, starting times etc. can be discussed with the guide or manager at the reception of the Living Museum.

How do I make payment?

All payments (museum, crafts, campsite) must be done in Cash. You will receive a receipt for your payment.

Lodging and Camping

Does the Living Museum offer lodging?

No, unfortunately the Living Museum doesn’t offer lodging yet. Recommended accommodation is:

Does the Living Museum offer camping?

The museum offers a wild bush camp. There is no water and electricity but a dry toilet. More information: Camping

How do I reserve a campsite at the Living Museums?

There is no need and no possibility to make a reservation for a campsite at the Living Museum. The campsites are spacious and there is enough place for several groups. If you would like to let the manager know when you are coming, for example because your group consists of several cars, you can write a message or call under …

Remember, sometimes the lines are down in remote areas.

Going there

Can I access the Living Museum as self-driver without a 4x4?

Yes, you won’t need a 4x4.

Is there Public transport?

There is no public transport to reach the Living Museums. However a local taxi company might organize the transport for you.

Where can I find directions to the Living Museums

You can use the maps of the Living Museums here:

Support and donations

How can I support the Living Museums?

You can either support the Living Museums directly or help the Living Culture Foundation Namibia with a donation. Please find more information: Support Us

Should I give donations to the people in the Living Museums?

You supported the people while supporting their local business, the Living Museum. I you want to help the actors of the Living Museum or the local villagers even more, you have two good ways of doing that:

You can buy beautiful crafts and souvenirs in the craft shop of the Living Museum to support the whole community (even the people who are not part of the Living Museum).

If you want to give some things and support even more, best practice is to trade those things with local crafts as well. Valuable goods are pens, books, blankets, clothing or shoes.

Should I give sweets or presents to the children of the Museums actors?

Please think before giving sweets to the children. The next dentist is far away! If you want to give more valuable presents like books, pens, balls, please consider giving them to the manager or the guide of the Living Museums and not to the children directly.

Latest News

20 November 2023
During the last project tour, the idea of a traditional workshop at the Mbunza Living Museum came about. The aim of the workshop was to improve traditional craft techniques that originally played a role in the respective traditional cultures and are ...
04 October 2023
The Living Culture Foundation Namibia is organizing a traditional workshop and music festival for all Living Museums from Monday, October 30, 2023 to Friday, November 3, 2023. The workshop will take place at the Mbunza Living Museum, approximately 15...
12 April 2023
The employees and patients of the dialysis clinics in Tangermünde and Genthin handed over a donation of €4,000 to Dr. Ralf Kühn, founding member and chairman of the board of the German-Namibian association Living Culture Namibia at his farewell party...
27 January 2023
Thanks to a very generous donation of €3,600 from Ms. Ute Schmidt-Rohr, we were able to successfully complete the first part of the water infrastructure project at the Mbunza Living Museum. A pump was installed at the Samsitu campsite very close to t...
18 November 2022
 This meeting was a "follow-up" to the previous meeting in March 2022 to assess the project progress in the development of a Herero Living Museum in Otjokavare. From our side, two things were essential. Firstly: Better communication structures m...
01 October 2022
In August 2022 we paid a visit to the Mafwe at the Living Museum in the northern part of Namibia to, among other things, install a new road sign. The erection of the sign had become necessary because the Mafwe had moved two years ago and some of the ...