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Call for donations


The museums supported by us owe their existence to the income they make from tourism in Namibia. A lot of visitors to Namibia enjoy visiting the museums for an extended time and decide to camp directly at the Living Museums.

This of course increases the income for museums that have a campsite. Not only does the campsite itself generate income, but guests are taking part in numerous programs offered as they have more time at hand. Those who have camped at one of the Living Museums of the San know what an up-close and personal experience it is and how much this contributes to an eventful visit at the museums. 

Three of the five museums supported by us don’t have a campsite yet and LCFN would like to help the communities with the establishment of traditionally kept campsites. Therefore we would like to sincerely ask you for donations for the development of campsites at the Damara, the Mafwe and the Mbunza Museum.

Damara Museum

Manager Hansbernhard //Naobeb has just received the leasehold for the area around the museum. He furthermore got the permission to establish a campsite at a wonderful location close by. He has already organised running water. All this effort came from him and the community directly. With a little help and know-how from our side a fantastic campsite could be erected here, which would increase the income for the Damara community.

Mafwe Museum

Until now there is only the possibility to do wild camping under some Baobab trees. Permanent structures like showers, toilets, etc. are non-existent. Directly at the museum is a dry toilet.  This beautiful location could also be upgraded to a wonderful campsite in the Caprivi Strip.

Mbunza Museum

Directly at the Samsitu Lake the manager of the Mbunza Museum has chosen a site underneath some beautiful shady trees and has already cleared the area of shrubs. As with the other two museums this spot could be developed into a beautiful campsite with little funding. 

What is needed?

  • Water pumps and filter systems
  • hot water boiler
  • Pipelines and ablution facilities
  • Building wood and cement for the building of permanent structures
  • Tools
  • Good ideas and motivated man-power

How can you help?

Here you can find some more information on donations.

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