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Approach and opening hours

The Living Museum is open 365 days a year from sunrise until sundown. Bookings are not necessary, if you want to make double sure you can contact manager Tadeus on his cellphone: +264 81 898 4088.

Khwe Map 2021


Mutc'iku, 10 km east of Divundu on the B8
18°05'39.2"S / 21°39'00.4"E
+264 81 898 4088 (Taddeus)
+264 81 768 4053 (Dennis)


You can book a program at the Living Museum directly at the reception. Pre bookings are not necessary / possible.


Please also read the "Frequently Asked Questions" section.

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Latest News

12 April 2023
The employees and patients of the dialysis clinics in Tangermünde and Genthin handed over a donation of €4,000 to Dr. Ralf Kühn, founding member and chairman of the board of the German-Namibian association Living Culture Namibia at his farewell party...
27 January 2023
Thanks to a very generous donation of €3,600 from Ms. Ute Schmidt-Rohr, we were able to successfully complete the first part of the water infrastructure project at the Mbunza Living Museum. A pump was installed at the Samsitu campsite very close to t...
18 November 2022
 This meeting was a "follow-up" to the previous meeting in March 2022 to assess the project progress in the development of a Herero Living Museum in Otjokavare. From our side, two things were essential. Firstly: Better communication structures m...
01 October 2022
In August 2022 we paid a visit to the Mafwe at the Living Museum in the northern part of Namibia to, among other things, install a new road sign. The erection of the sign had become necessary because the Mafwe had moved two years ago and some of the ...
19 September 2022
The first stage of the water infrastructure project for the Mbunza is, thanks to a very generous donation, in the starting blocks. The access to a supply of water is one of basic human needs. However, this need is not fulfilled in many parts of Namib...
03 September 2021
We have a new infrastructure project and ask for your support. This project is about supplying the Mbunza community with clean drinking water (step 1) and creating a sustainable source of income in the form of a small campsite for visitors to the Liv...