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Your donation will help us support traditional cultures of Namibia!

With our projects we want to help the people to reach independence and to get the freedom to decide about their future self responsibly.

We also decide independently about what kind of projects should be established. For this reason and to save administration costs we do not work together with governmental organizations. We finance ourselves only through private donations brought in by our German partner organization Living Culture Namibia e.V.

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Donate-LcfnEasy, safe and comfortable donations via PayPal. We use PayPal since 2007 and have always received perfect feedback from our supporters regarding payment security.


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Do i receive a contribution receipt?

At the moment you can only get a contribution receipt if you live in Germany and donate from a german bank account.

Become a supporter!

Do you want to become supporter of the LCFN and support our work with a regular contribution?

How to become a supporter?

You can just set up a money transfer order to the german bank account ot the LCFN.

Living Culture Namibia e.V.
Account number: 3060011566
Bank code: 81050555
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IBAN: DE26 8105 0555 3060 0115 66


Apart from the development of our cultural network, in which every language group of Namibia should be represented with at least one Living Museum, we want to focus on infrastructural programs for our existing Living Museums in near future.
We have worked very successfully on the basis of our low-finance concept for three years now and thus will stick to this concept for developing new Living Museums.
Nevertheless infrastructural programs cannot be realized solely by transfering of knowledge or educational measures. Very often higher financial outputs are necessary, for example to patch roads to the Living Museums or to repair water tanks. Investments into communal campsites and schools are also vital to fight poverty and promote education.
To be able to support more projects in the near future we now start our campaign “Become a supporter”. From now on we offer the possibility to become a supporting member of the Living Culture Foundation Namibia respectively of its German partner association Living Culture Namibia e.V. This simply means that through generating a regular incoming through membership fees we can calculate much better how much we can invest into whichever project.
One can become a supporting member from a monthly membership free of minimum 5€ respectively a yearly fee of 60 €. Supporting members will get the DVD „the Living Museum of Grashoek“ free of charge (only available in German though).

So – why not become a supporter? 

Help us with our cultural development work in Namibia. Become a supporter of the Living Culture Foundation Namibia yourself or recruit a supporting member among your friends and acquaintances.
The people in Namibia will be very thankful.

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