Concept: Aims & Philosophy of the LCFN

The aims, philosophy and principles of the Living Culture Foundation Namibia are often different to the understanding of development cooperation of other development organizations in Namibia. In general we think quite critical about the "development industry" because not only positive things are done. Indeed development cooperation produces not seldom the opposite of development. We help where we can, but only in places or communites where our help is desired, where there is a real interest in development and where own work will be brought in. We never ever help through financing only, but through the transfer of ideas, educational opportunities and motivation for selfresponsible development of projects.

Here you can learn more about our aims, our philosophy and our understanding of development cooperation in Namibia.


The LCFN focuses on cultural development in Namibia and has three main objectives.

LCFN Objectives

Theoretical approach

Description of the theoretical approach of the Living Culture Foundation Namibia.


Project conception

A description of the concept and the aims of the Living Museums in Namibia

Concept Living Museum

Development work

Let us introduce the main field development work of the LCFN in Namibia.

Development work


Classification of the Living Museum concept withing the Millenium Development Goals.