The assumption of the LCFN

Through the colonisation of Namibia every single language group was influence by the European culture to such an extend that the original African culture developed into a mix of European and African culture. Through this transformation important parts of the culture of Namibian language groups were lost, including traditional values, customs, rites, the knowledge of their traditional surrounding etc. Consequently a lot of social problems occured.

The Living Culture Foundation Namibia sees itselfs as a tool for helping Namibian language groups to revive traditional values and customs and thus to create awareness for cultural origins and history within present Namibia. Through this awareness members of Namibian language groups have the possibility to integrate their traditional culture positivly in present Namibia, which helps them to regain their cultural values, awareness and identity. Furthermore the regaining of cultural identity will offer them better possibilities of orientation and constructive problem-solving skills.

Revival of traditional cultureRevival of traditional culture