The Living Culture Foundation Namibia (LCFN) initiates sustainable development projects in communal areas of Namibia. The main aim is the establishment of a cultural network in areas of great poverty. This cultural network gives people in communal areas the possibility to benefit from the Namibian tourism industry.

Culture network


Since the colonisation of Namibia, important parts of the country’s indigenous cultures - traditional values, rites and customs - are disappearing rapidly. Consequently various social problems are appearing, linked to cultural falsification.

Social background

Old man from the Damara MuseumOld man from the Damara Museum

Our Aims

Our aim is to help communities establishing projects that allow them to profit from their traditional skills by earning money. The different groups we work with have found a reason to actively retain their cultural identity. Once again they are practicing the ancient skills that were disappearing and are passing them on to younger generations. With our concept of the Living Museums we help the people to fight poverty and we support the dialogue between the different Namibian cultures.

Our aims

The philosophy

With our projects we want to help the people to reach independence and to get the freedom to decide about their future self responsibly.

Development principles

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We also decide independently about what kind of projects should be established. For this reason and to save administration costs we do not work together with governmental organizations. We finance ourselves only through private donations brought in by our German partner organization Living Culture Namibia e.V.

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