Projects in Namibia

Please find an overview of all Living Museums and our other projects in Namibia.

Overview Map

Living Museum


Juhoansi MuseumThe Living Museum of the Ju/'Hoansi is Namibias first Living Museum

  • Opening: 2004
  • Culture: Hunter-Gatherer Culture of the San
  • Highlights: "Action Day" - 4 hours interesting introduction into the culture of the San
  • Location: Close to Grashoek, 6 km north of the C44, 130 km east of Grootfontein and 120 km west of Tsumkwe
  • Setup: Many gras huts in great nature, campsite and craftshop ...

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Mafwe MuseumThe Living Museum of the Mafwe in the Caprivi, situated under huge Baobab trees

  • Opening: 2008
  • Culture: Bantu culture of the Mafwe, influenced especially by fishing and farming
  • Highlights: "A day together with the Mafwe" - 4 hours of interactive program
  • Location: Singalamwe, 19 km north of Kongola, D3502, close to the border of Angola and Zambia
  • Setup: Kraal, several clay huts, traditional kitchen, bush campsite & craftshop ...

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Damara MuseumThe Living Museum of the Damara close to Twyfelfontein, reconstruction of the "lost" culture of the Damara

  • Opening: 2010
  • Culture: Hunter-Gatherer-Culture of the Damara
  • Highlights: "Traditional Life" - 1 hour entertaining program
  • Location: 10 km north of Twyfelfontein, corner D 2612 - D3214
  • Setup: Kraal, several wooden huts, pharmacy, blacksmith, craftshop ...

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Little Hunter's Museum

Little Hunter's MuseumThe only Living Museum offering a real traditional hunt in the wilderness together with the San

  • Opening: 2010
  • Culture: Hunter-Gatherer Culture of the San
  • Highlights: "3 Days in the wild" - several days intensive educational program
  • Location: 25 km north of Tsumkwe, south of the Kaudom National Park
  • Setup: Several gras huts, campsite, craftshop ...

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Mbunza Museum

Mbunza MuseumThe Living Museum of the Mbunza at Lake Samsitu, reconstructing the "old Africa"

  • Opening: 2012
  • Culture: Bantu culture with main focus on fishing
  • Highlights: "A Day together with the Mbunza" - 4 hours cultural program
  • Location: At Lake Samsitu, about 15 km west of Rundu
  • Setup: Several traditional huts inside a large traditional village, kitchen, blacksmith, craft shop ...

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Ovahimba MuseumThe Living Museum of the Ovahimba north of Opuwo

  • Opening: 2016
  • Culture: Unique semi-nomadic Bantu culture
  • Highlights: 5 hours "Spend a day with us" program
  • Location: Kaokoveld, 40 km north of Opuwo
  • Setup: Large homestead including main hut, holy fire, life stock kraal

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