The Ovahimba Living Museum

The Ovahimba Living Museum is a place where you can interactively experience the traditional culture of the Ovahimba. The Museum acts as a traditional school for guests and for the children of the own community alike and at the same time it is an income generating institution.

The Museum is strategically located between the Ovahimba capital Opuwo and the paradisiac Epupa Falls at the Kunene River in the north of Namibia.

Ovahimba homesteadOvahimba homestead

The traditional culture of the Ovahimba

The Museum consists of a large traditional homestead in which the Ovahimba introduce interested guests to their daily routines and encourage them to take part.

Important elements of the original tradition are the production of food, craftsmanship (forging, pottery, wood carving, leather tanning), the building of clay huts as well as singing and dancing. Guests get to know the homestead, the importance of the Holy Fire, some of the religious aspects and the importance of cattle within the Ovahimba culture. They are welcome to actively take part in all activities demonstrated.

Even “Ovahimba-Bodypainting” or a genuine traditional wedding Ovahimba way are possible.

Otjihimba is the spoken language of the Ovahimba, a dialect of the widespread Otjiherero language. The guide translates into English. Guests satisfied by the quality and standard of the museum offering an exemplary insight into the traditions of the Ovahimba traditions are able to purchase a small souvenir in the craftshop afterwards.

In the main wife's hutIn the main wife's hut


Guests are welcome to stay at the nearby campsite Omungunda and to book several programs at the Living Museum.

You will have an unforgettable day at the Ovahimba Living Museum!

Cattle TrumpetCattle Trumpet

Living Museums overview

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