New programs at the San Living Museums

During the last year we often had the feedback that the visit in both Living Museums of the Ju/‘Hoansi had been fantastic, but much too short. Many guests had wished for an even deeper insight into the life of the San and many could imagine to actually spend a couple of days with the San in order to experience their traditional way of life.

This intensive program is already being offered as guided Safari by various tour operators like Bush Culture and Bwana Tucke-Tucke for example, but time called for a longer program directly from the museums side. We proposed to both museums to develop such a program and the result is a diversified 3 day program, which can also be booked spontaneously by self-driving guests. By mid-2013 this program had been introduced in Grashoek and now at the beginning of 2014 it will also run in the Hunter’s Museum.

In the program “3 days exclusive Ju/’Honasi experience” guest will get to know a small San family. On the first day they will make their own San equipment (Bow, arrows, etc.) with the help of their host family, which they will learn to use whilst tracking and building traps on the second day. On the third day the guests will learn much about the traditional healing ceremonies and the modern life of their guest family. The rate for this program is N$ 600 per person for all three days.

An unforgettable experience – guaranteed!