Developments at the Mbunza Museum

In 2013 some positive developments could be registered at the Mbunza Living Museum, which has been operating since 2011. Whilst only few visitors found their way to the museum at Rundu in 2012, the numbers increased well in 2013 and the Mbunzas are very satisfied. The young members of the museum were able to learn a lot from the elders and so the art of black smiting, pottery and much more has improved. Also the wealth of knowledge is increasing daily.

Some useful traditional plants (Mangetti nut for example) were planted around the museum last year and are thriving. As if by magic a small baobab is growing directly at the entrance of the Kavango museum. Furthermore the Mbunza acquired a large mokoro for the museum, which is now used – as a highlight – to go for short cruises on the Samsitu Lake.