By Sebastian Dürrschmidt on Wednesday, 06 September 2017
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The history of the LCFN

On the 28.07.2017 we were celebrating the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Living Culture Namibia e.V. For the tenth time we have reason to celebrate and to look back on (more than) 10 years of project work in Namibia. Here we have put together a review of the events of the Living Museums and the Living Culture Foundation Namibia of the past 13 years.

The most important events concerning our work since 2004


Living Museum in Grashoek

The idea of living museums in Namibia existed already prior to the foundation of our non-profit organization. The Namibian tour guide Werner Pfeifer imported the concept from Germany, where he had worked in various living museums himself. He developed a suitable version for the rural areas of Namibia. This concept was first introduced to the Ju/‘Hoansi-San from Grashoek in 2003 who designed their own museum within a year. The Living Museum of the San opened in June 2004 and has fundamentally contributed to the later foundation of the LCFN.

The whole history

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