Project meeting in the Kaokoveld

In 2010 LCFN had already tried to convince a group of Ovahimba of the concept of the Living Museums. After initial successes and a very positive response friction rose within the project group and problems occurred with the local tourist guides (as we reported). Now another project group found us, this time from Purros, a small community situated at the beautiful Hoarusib River in Namibia’s north-west.

This time the initiation of a Living Museum here goes back to an initiative of the Namibian development organisation IRDNC that invited us in March 2013 to visit the community in Purros. There we found a highly motivated group, which was easily convinced of the concept of the Living Museum. Special here is that actually two different peoples, namely Hereo and a Himba, are planning two different museums. Ethnologically the Herero and the Himba used to belong together, but during centuries they developed into different directions.

In November we visited the group again and explained the concept of the Living Museums once more, whereby we clarified our requirements of a lively project, carried by the whole of the local community

On the Herero side developments in building a traditional village have already been made. For the Ovahimba Museum a suitable place with excellent location and lots of shade has been found. Until now there has only been a very dusty and rather sad traditional village in Purros, covered in debris and without any shade, with only one traditional Ovahimba lady as actor.

Now we will have to wait until both villages have been built and then we will once again travel up to Namibia’s north-west to precisely explore all options for traditional activities.

We are very excited!